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Loss of the Bulk Carrier "MV Christinaki"



On 3rd February 1994 the "MV Christinaki" sank in heavy seas during a Force 10 gale south-west of Cork. She had left Liverpool bound for Vera Cruz (Mexico), carrying scrap iron. There were no survivors.
The BBC made a documentary programme analysing the events which occurred that night. This is available as a safety training DVD called "The Christinaki".

The Ship  

Irish Shipping Ltd of Dublin ordered the 26,500-ton ship from the Govan Yard of Upper Clyde Shipbuilders Ltd. She was launched on 29th June 1972 and was originally named "MV Irish Pine". Completion of the ship took place on 1st February 1973.

Changes of ownership brought about changes of name as follows:
 1983 "MV Siganto A.S."
 1988 "MV Singa Monica"
 1990 "MV Norman Hanne"
 1991 "MV Hanne"
 1992 "MV Christinaki"
It is thought that routine maintenance inspections were neglected for more than a decade, and this may have contributed to the disaster.
At the time the ship foundered. she was owned by Demco Maritime Ltd of Valletta, Malta. The crew of 27 was a mixture of Greek and Filipino nationals.    

Loss of the "MV Christinaki"  

The "MV Christinaki" took on a cargo of scrap iron at Liverpool and set sail for Vera Cruz on 2nd February 1994. The following day the ship was caught in a Force 10 storm in the Atlantic Ocean, about 240 miles south-west of Cork, with 35ft waves going over her deck.
The ship's hold had hatch covers to prevent water flooding into it during such a storm. However, one of them failed and the hold took on water.
The crew radioed a distress signal at 16:00 and the last radio contact was at 16:30. Tragically, the ship sank with the loss of all hands.    

Safety Training Material  

Information about the BBC's DVD on the loss of the "MV Christinaki" can be found here.  

Maritime Industry Reference Works  

Two of the maritime industry publications can be supplied by our sister company:
Thomas' Stowage which covers the properties and stowage conditions of cargoes.
The Ship's Atlas which contains information about over 13,000 ports. The maps cover political zones, time zones, MARPOL, Load Line areas, Particularly Sensitive Sea Areas, navigation conditions, ocean currents, winds, piracy incidents and the distribution across the world of major diseases.  

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