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Project Health Check

Are you concerned that your project may not deliver? Do you need an unbiased view of the situation?
Parthenon can advise regarding the suitability of your project's governance and fitness for purpose.

We offer two health check options. Option A is a PRINCE2 methodology heath check which will highlight any deficiencies in its governance of the project. Option B is a full project health check. Parthenon will assess the status of your project and highlight areas which we consider a cause for concern.

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The benefits to you of a project health check include:

  • the identification of looming project problems that will be more costly to rectify the longer they remain unaddressed.
  • an understanding of how adequately project risks are being actively managed.
  • corrective actions can be identified.
You will receive a report indicating the health of your project and what issues require your attention if the desired business benefits are to be achieved.

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