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Project Rescue Plan

Have you identified that your project is at risk of failure or heading for disaster? Maybe it has already failed? 
Parthenon can help you turn your project round with our project rescue plan.

Our highly experienced project managers will evaluate your situation and advise on a recovery plan.
Parthenon will work with you to assess issues, risks and deficiencies with the project. We will advise on practical steps to maximise the chances of your project's success.

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According to the Standish Group's CHAOS report approximately one third of projects are cancelled before completion. And approximately half of projects experience cost overruns in the region of 200%.
You need a project rescue plan when:

  • multiple milestones have been missed.
  • a lack of change control has resulted in the project's scope increasing exponentially.
  • estimates of time and resources have proved to be hopelessly optimistic.
  • disagreement between senior managers have caused an impasse.
  • events occur that were not predicted by the risk planning process.
  • poor project team morale.
  • senior managers actively avoid being associated with the project.
Your Next Step.

If you think your project is in jeopardy then call Parthenon on 020 8979 7287.


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